News Roundup

  • Dan Marino "was arguably the biggest cocksucker to ever play" quarterback. All of this and more in your Deadspin Dolphins season preview. [Deadspin]
  • Another photographer in Miami almost got arrested for simply taking photos -- at least that's what he says. He was snapping cute pics of his dog inside a Dunkin Donuts when the staff asked him to stop. So he took some photos of the staff, and one of the girls threw water on his camera. Police were called. [CarlosMiller]
  • The city's planning advisory board voted to defer its vote on Miami 21, but it won't affect the city commission's vote this Friday. [SFBJ]
  • A Peter Max gallery will open in Coconut Grove -- right next to Britto's space. The Grove is practically the capital of crappy pop "art" galleries now. [CGG]
  • I am not sure how this move will boost the economy, but a small portion of stimulus funds might go to rehousing the sex offenders. [Herald]


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