News Roundup

What follows is a new, regular feature on Riptide 2.0., a look at the day's most important, bizarre and wacko news. So forget about that damn Herald.com.

  • Miami-Dade County Commission Chairman Bruno Barreiro's attempt to abolish the chairman's (a.k.a. his) term limits failed. This is not surprising. The rest of the commission have their eyes on the chair once Barreiro's term is up. [Herald]

  • But, hey, the commission isn't power-hungry. They did vote to relinquish some control over the Transport Trust. [Herald]

  • The State of Florida is moving to privatize Alligator Alley, most likely putting it in the control of some foreign firm. [Herald]

  • Take the plywood down, Hurricane Ike isn't coming anywhere near us. Currently it's running across the entire length of Cuba. [Local 10]

  • Rudy Crew is just about dunzo. Half of me is wondering if all his recent out-of-control behavior stems from just wanting to get out of town with $700,000 in his pocket as soon as possible. [NBC 6]

  • Football? What is football? It's been dead to me for a long time. Dolphins lost. Hurricanes lost. Golden Panthers got shut out. [ESPN]

--Kyle Munzenrieder

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