News Roundup

  • Obligatory debate fact check. [USA Today]

  • Democrats today are holding press conferences (at Parrot Jungle!) where they're expected to make allegations claiming Rep. Lincoln Diaz-Balart was funneled money by an indicted Puerto Rican Senator. [Naked Politics]

  • In blog land Babalu Blog is claiming Joe Garcia is a criminal for sending campaign emails to county addresses. SFDB is quick to retort that Rep. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen has done the same thing. [Babalu, SFDB, Herald]

  • World Wide Rate Cut! [WSJ]

  • "Joe Cool", aka the S.S. Murderboat, is up for auction. [NBC 6]

  • Grumpy Fort Lauderdale mayor Jim Naugle and a few of his "Democrat" friends are backing the Gay Marriage Ban amendment. [Herald]

  • Considerably less grumpy Michael Pizzi was elected Mayor of Miami Lakes. [Eye On Miami]

  • Joe "Hair Plugs" Biden, running mate of Senator That One, will be on the Gulf Coast of Florida today, two days after Palin. [CBS4]

  • Crazy Lee County Sheriff Mike Scott defends his use of "Hussein" because Obama's name is weird. “Well, what is ‘Barack Obama?’ That’s not ‘Mike Scott’ or ‘Jim Smith.’” Yeah, thank god Obama is not a Mike Scott. He's also under federal investigation for stumping in uniform. [NDN, NDN]

  • The Herald has a Q&A with club kid/designer/"musician"/sad little glitter explosion Richie Rich on the web front page. [Herald]

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