News Roundup


  • The city's preservation board unanimously decided the Bacardi buildings are worthy of historic status. [Herald]
  • FIU's journalism school gets accreditation, just in time for the death of journalism as we know it. [Herald]
  • Two local schools that were close due to swine flu have reopened. [CBS4]
  • "The letters G.O.D. reportedly appeared on these three slices of salami being cooked on a frying pan by Nancy Simoes." [CBS4]
  • Allstate is closing its Miami claims office, and 66 employees will be laid off effective July 1. [SFBJ]
  • JPMorgan Chase is closing its Miami check cashing operation, and 55 employees will be laid off effective July 2. [SFBJ]
  • You know the economy collapsed in Iceland, but that doesn't mean their banks will not come to foreclose on your Miami Beach hotel. [SFBJ]
  • A juror in the Liberty City six trial was replaced for being uncooperative. [NYTimes]

  • Reds: 7. Marlins: 0. [Herald]
  • "It was Cinco de Mayo but for this team it was Cinco de Don't-know." Ok, despite that horrible turn of phrase, Greg Cote's column also includes interesting words like, "It is harder going from good to great than it is going from awful to OK, as the Marlins, Dolphins, Heat and Panthers all are discovering." [Herald]

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Kyle Munzenrieder