News Roundup

  • An appeals court in Miami today will take up Florida's gay adoption ban. [AP]
  • Michael Beasley's stay in rehab was planned; in fact, he had already been in Houston attending therapy for two weeks beforehand. [Herald]
  • After seeing so many wackos storm Democratic congressman with accusations of death panels and socialism, it's nice, if only for balance, to see some liberals rally for the public option, which is what these folks did at Ileana Ros-Lehtinen's office. [Herald]
  • Speaking of Ros-Lehtinen, she won't make an endorsement in the Republican primary for Senate or the general election. It's a favor to Democrat Kendrick Meek, who didn't actively campaign against her in the last election. [NakedPolitics]
  • Anyway, Crist will name his Senate pick by the end of the week. [SunSentinal]
  • State officials are thinking about replacing I-395 with an elevated, more modern roadway. But the project wouldn't begin for ten years, and God knows how long it would take to finish. [Herald]
  • The Dolphins are holding auditions for an a cappella group, to be called the Dolphin Voices, that will sing the National Anthem at home games. I thought this was Gloria Estefan or Marc Anthony's job now? [CBS4]
  • Tomas Regalado gave $479 to a certain local blogger who seems to not be able to say enough nice things about the mayoral candidate. [SFDB]
  • Romero Britto tied up some legal loose ends related to his DUI: He'll be without a license for six months, has to pay a small fine, and do some community service. [CBS4]

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