News Roundup

  • USB will be the sponsor of both Basel fairs for years to come, 3 more of which, at least, will happen in Miami. [ArtINFO]
  • Doctors in Miami can now assist surgeries Iraq using a robot. It is made by a company called InTouch, which hopefully has nothing to do with the tabloid of the same name. [Herald]
  • Charlie Crist has no jitters about his wedding to the XX chromosome-love-of-his-life, and has no problem with the peaceful Amendment 2 protest that includes those muscular gay activists, in their tight activist jeans. Nope, no problem having that being the last thing he sees before going into the church to marry this Carol lady. [CBS4]
  • Ex-Fins coach Nick Saban may be coming back to Dolphin's Stadium with his Alabama college footballs quad, and oh we just all hate that man so very, very much. [Herald]
  • CNN interviews the local blogger behind All Purpose Dark and asks this question: "If Miami was a person, what would she or he be like?" [CNN]
  • Basel patrons are no longer receiving complimentary hot air balloon tours of the Everglades. This is truly the greatest depression. [Portfolio]

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