News Roundup

  • Mayoral candidate Tomas Regalado has been accused of not being able to handle his personal finances (he claims to be worth only $5,000 and once had his wages garnished for not paying taxes), but his campaign manager is doing a good job with his war chest. He's consistently out-raising challenger Joe Sanchez. [Herald]
  • The Bacardi buildings have won historic designation despite not being technically old enough. No surprise, though. In this town, we love our rum and we love our architecture. [Herald]
  • The Miami Lakes special needs teacher who spiked a student's drink with hot sauce faces up to five years in prison. Just to give you a comparison, some Medicare fraud convictions will get you only ten years. [CBS4]
  • Speaking of Medicare fraud, the Mafia and organized crime are increasingly moving away from drug trafficking to health-care fraud because the punishment, and hence the risk, isn't is severe. However, two people have shown up dead in Miami in the past few years, and the FBI believes those murders were related to fraud. [AP]
  • A botched abortion that resulted in the remains of a fetus being stuffed into a bag and thrown onto a roof has resulted in charges for clinic worker Belkis Gonzalez for practicing without a license, but some abortion foes want her charged with murder. [NBCMiami]
  • Offensive coordinator Mark Whipple on the Canes: "Offensively, I don't think we're very good -- honestly." [NewsPress]
  • The Miami Heat is making eyes at Jamaal Tinsley, but really, any decent back-up point guard would do. [Yahoo!Sports]
  • NBCMiami is accusing a 12-year-old girl who caught Ryan Howard's 200th home run ball, returned it to him, and then filed a lawsuit to get it back of acting like, well, a 12-year-old girl. [NBCMiami]

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