News Roundup

  • A tragic High School shooting in Ft. Lauderdale. [Sun-Sentinel]

  • Carvalho is going to save the schools, not by spending lots of effort and finding new teaching methods or anything. He's just going to lower expectations. [Herald]

  • Bill Nelson is one of the Democratic Senators pushing leadership to let Joe Lieberman keep his chairmanship of the the Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee. Problem is Lieberman agrees with the Republicans in most matters of homeland security, war policy and foreign affairs. Oh, and he supported John McCain. [Politico]

  • Recently laid off workers seeking unemployment benefits have reached their highest level in about 7 years. [CBS4]

  • But hey, someone's hiring. [Local 10]

  • Do you need Scarface over-intellectualized? Then there's a new book for you.[Salon]

  • Hurricane games at Dolphin Stadium are struggling to attract fans. [USA Today]

    --Kyle Munzenrieder

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