News Roundup

  • Oh, ZBT the UM frat caught up in another drug mess has been temporarily suspend. Police said pot and a pill for ADHD treatment (adderall?) were sold at the house. [JustNews]
  • A Charlie Crist adviser,  Alan Mendelsohn, is linked to one of these many, many ponzi schemes. [Pulp]
  • Marc Sarnoff is the new hero of everyone ever for muddling with the Marlins stadium vote. He also is not afraid to wear a nice vest to council meetings. [Herald]
  • The Herald has a new columnist, Jackie Bueno Sousa, and she is not super old. Though, her first column is super weird. It is all about luck and includes this gem, "I believe ... that history will

    redeem George W. Bush." [Herald]

  • Update on the Charlie Crist senate speculations: it's still a possibility. [NBC6]
  • The Miami Heat got whooooomped by the Orlando Magic 122-99. P.S. I am a magic fan again all of the sudden. [Herald]
  • Canes Basketball easily beat BC, keeping their hopes of at least finishing .500 in the ACC alive. [AP]
  • Meanwhile Canes Baseball opened their new season at A-Roid park with a 3-1 series against Rutgers. [Targum]

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