• Hairgelz Carvalho will actually be suing the state for $35 million, thank you very much. [CBS4]
  • Rep. David Rivera won the chairmanship of Miami-Dade's Republican party

    by just one vote. Outgoing chair Mary Ellen Miller moved the vote,

    leaving state legislators who favored Rivera's opponent, Carlos Curbelo,

    little time to travel back down from Tallahassee. This ensured

    a win for her preferred candidate. Oh, these wacky Republicans. [Naked Politics]

  • Charlie Crist unveiled a new plan that will allow some uninsured Floridians to purchase low cost health care. [Sun-Sentinel]
  • Miami Lakes' former police commander will now be the city manager. [Herald]
  • Besides that job, Manny Diaz would also like millions and millions of this money the federal government seems to have in order to fix transit, build schools, improve parks, and finish the north terminal at MIA. This money sure seems like it can accomplish a lot. Perhaps if Diaz winds up in the cabinet, the city commission can just appoint money to replace him. [Herald]
  • Here is CBS4 interviewing 7th graders about sexual assault.  [CBS4]
  • Breaking news from The New York Times: A bunch of rich people wore faux-fur during Art Basel. It still begs the questions: Why is anyone wearing fur of any sort on Miami Beach in the first place?  [NYT]
  • The auto bailout passed the House thanks to Democrats, while Republicans are all of a sudden shy about helping huge corporations. [AP]

News Roundup

--Kyle Munzenrieder

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Miami.