News Roundup

  • Miami-Dade Mayor Carlos Alvarez has picked a real joker to run the housing agency. Seriously, he's a part-time stand-up comedian, but he used to do the same job in San Fran, so he's qualified to run a housing agency. [Herald]
  • Another weird FCAT tale: A school that specializes in teaching critically ill children keeps getting Fs on the FCAT, so the school board wants to close it. [Herald]
  • An elderly man crashed into a Miami Beach cop car and died. [NBCMiami]
  • Remember that grandmother in North Miami who left her grandkids in the car while she gambled? It happened a year ago. Yeah, well she just got sentenced to 14 months of house arrest. [Herald]
  • "In one version, she also claimed a disposable urinal that was found near the chair he was tied up in was one that both of them used regularly at night so they wouldn't have to walk to the bathroom and wake up their cat." Well, that was awfully considerate of Ben Novack Jr. and his wife. [Herald]
  • Two MDPD employees have swine flu. [CBS4]
  • Carlos Boozer just really, really wants to play for the Heat. [SLTrib]
  • Gas prices are down for the 30th consecutive day. [CBS4]

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Kyle Munzenrieder