News Roundup

  • The NY Times comes down to South Beach to investigate the Husien Shehada shooting, and sort of chides the police department (and the public) for not caring that much. "This is a jaded piece of sand." [Times]
  • Meanwhile, the family's attorneys are claiming a piece of tape proves that Husien was unarmed and not carrying anything that could be mistaken for a gun. [NBCMiami]
  • The confiscated property in the cat killer case was revealed, including "cutting instruments, needles, pills, dark clothing and catnip." [CBS4]
  • A Dutch firm has been selected to replace Frank Gehry on the Lincoln Park project. [CBS4]
  • A man slammed his motorcycle through the front end of his Little Havana jewelry store because he was angry at his wife. [CBS4]
  • A Broward sex offender asked that he be sent back to jail, because it is impossible for him to find a place to live and jail is better than a bridge. [CBS4]
  • A Lauderhill minister who ran an organization called "Boxing for Jesus," stabbed his wife in the neck and left her to die. [Herald]
  • Artlurker has some thoughts on the Bravo art show casting taking place this week. [Artlurker]
  • The Grizzlies want to sign Allen Iverson, though they think Miami is the odds on favorite. [ESPN]
  • Cristie Kerr of this very town failed to reclaim her US Open golf glory. [Herald]

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Kyle Munzenrieder