• Florida GOP chairman Jim Greer may have billed the party for personal expenses. It's not $150k on a wardrobe, but it's almost as bad. Like $3,600 on a single dinner. [Herald]
  • The Miami-Dade Dems elected new leadership, and they didn't celebrate with a $3,600 dinner. [Naked Politics]
  • What do you need to run for high office in Florida? Apparently a recognizable last name. We fall for that trick every time. Bud Chiles, son of Lawton, maybe, sorta, kinda might run for Gov in 2010. Allegedly. [Naked Politics]
  • Charlie Crist's trip to Europe over the summer cost taxpayers $430,000. Oh la la Charlie. [NBC6]
  • That property appraiser run-off race which no one cares about, and is still over a week away? The whole situation probably could have been avoided. Thanks Natacha Seijas. [Herald]
  • Two flight school planes collided over The Everglades. [Herald]
  • These Canadians in Toronto are in the middle of a constitutional crisis, but they still found time to fall in love with the winning Miami Dolphins. [ESPN]
  • Your Miami Hurricanes will play the UC Golden Bears in the Emerald Bowl. The first time the teams have met since 1990. [SF Gate]
  • Their Assistant Coach Stephen Field did a particularly nice thing and helped out a man after a pretty gnarly car crash. [IHT]
  • RIP Dan Marino Sr. [NBC6]
  • The New World Syphony found this other symphony in Vienna on MySpace and they are totally BFFs now. Like they stay up all night typing deep secrets to each other that they just couldn't tell their real friends,  because they wouldn't understand. Maybe if they save up enough money one of them will take a bus to meet the other IRL. [NBC6]

News Roundup

--Kyle Munzenrieder

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