News Roundup

  • State Farm, the State's largest private property insurer, will stop insuring property in Florida. [NY Times]
  • This seems to be a major thing, but Gov. Charlie Crist is just saying things like, "I don't really care." [Naked Politics]
  • But, that's ok, he was too busy vetoing budget cuts today. Schools get a bit of a break, and cuts to Florida Forever got the boot. [Naked Politics]
  • Your Republicans in Tallahassee desperately want a big federal bailout because they spent all their money, but your Republicans in DC are like "Nope, Sorry, Deficit." Because now, after wasting a surplus, Republicans are concerned about the deficit again. [Buzz]
  • The Daily Show's Guantanamo Baywatch: The Final Season. [SFDB]
  • Another devastating OT loss for Canes hoops. [AP]
  • These people in Boca Raton had their dog cloned, even though they have nine other dogs, and it cost $150k. [NBC6]
  • Please remember to recycle your sex toys, like a responsible, Earth-conscious masturbater. It is how Al Gore would want it. [Juice]
  • The tease for this on the home page was "Diane von Furstenberg still relevant." If she's getting play on the front page of the website for a MAJOR METROPOLITAN NEWSPAPER isn't that enough to declare her relevancy, in theory? Anyway, here is an interview with Mrs. Barry Diller. [Herald]

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