News Roundup


  • An overloaded boat believed to be smuggling Haitian immigrants sank off the coast of Boynton Beach. There are 16 survivors, and nine are believed to be dead. [Herald]
  • I have always wondered if there are people's whose job it is to try and manage traffic. I mean, I guess its obvious there are, but you never hear anything about.  Anyway, FIU just dedicated a lab to the study of traffic, which is interesting if you've ever wondered about such things. [Herald]
  • Systemax, which owns Miami-based CompUSA and Tiger Direct, just bought the rights to the Circuit City name and website. [CBS4]
  • Alex Sink, your campaign for Governor depends heavily on how the news media will perceive you. They don't take too kindly from being personally blocked from your first fundraiser. [Naked Politics]
  • Some lawyer wrote to some fancy lawyer journal about gay adoption and included this line, "Ultimately, nothing is as repulsive and emasculating to adolescent boys as being recruited for gay sex." [SFL]
  • WTVJ weatherman Paul Deanno had his last day at the station yesterday, and had to say good-bye to the green screen he's stood in front of for so many years. [SFLTV]


  • Dwyane Wade is an All-NBA first selection, which is a great honor he should be proud of. [NBCMiami]
  • The Marlins took a second loss to the Brewers. They're now at .500 overall. [MLB]

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