News Roundup

  • Jay Mac appeared on SNL and joked about how he is going to lose. [Hulu]

  • Eye on Miami scores an interview with Rep. Lincoln Diaz-Balart. "The most high-profile one comes to mind now not only because it's recent but obviously because it's very high-profile." Indeed something was high-profile. [EoM]

  • The voting lines yesterday were insanely long. Sorry, people. I went to the Government Center shortly before it closed Halloween night and it took less than half an hour. [Herald]

  • DeFede gives us an election-night preview and says what some have been thinking: Amendment 2 might pass because of the high turnout of black voters. [CBS4]

  • Canes win in OT! They're 6-3 now, bowl eligible, and still in the running for an ACC title. Also they got revenge on Virginia for the massacre iat the Orange Bowl last season. This will probably be the last time this week we hear the word "Cane" in the same sentence as "win." [ESPN]

  • The Dolphins pulled off another win, against the Broncos. The Fins are now 4-4, and it never felt so good to be mediocre. [ESPN]

  • FIU drops another, keeping them out of first place in their division. [Herald]

  • The Herald gets the most random celeb interviews, such as Victoria's Secret angel Miranda Kerr. Apparently she is fab and happens to be loving it. [Herald]

  • Jay-Z, Diddy, and Mary J. Blige held a rally for Senator Obama. Diddy should have given a shout-out to "No on 2," if Wendy Williams is to be believed, nowhatimean. [NBC6]

  • The opposition side of Amendment 2 is taking the pro-2-ers to court. [NBC6]

  • Even old people are worried about how old John McCain is. Side note: Nancy Pelosi is only three years younger than Mac (I know, right?) and no one worries about her health. Then again, Sarah Palin wouldn't step into Pelosi's job should something tragic happen to the House speaker. [Local10]

--Kyle Munzenrieder

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Kyle Munzenrieder