News Roundup

  • Someone pinch me. Is this really happening? The Dolphins came back from a half-time deficit to eek out a win over the Chiefs in the coldest game in franchise history. [NFL]
  • Even better, the Jets crashed to the lousy Seahawks. The Fins will still have to beat the Jets for a playoff birth next week, but momentum is now definitely on their side. [ESPN]
  • Mayor Carlos Alvarez's son was released from jail in October, after serving 13 1/2 years for various sexual crimes. He lives a couple blocks from where I used to off Bird Road and, you know, not under a bridge. [Talk of our Town/Herald]
  • The photos say it all. Commissioner Marc Sarnoff has a particular radical new direction he'd like to see Coconut Grove take. Something boring and Coral Gables-ish, which local business owners just seem thrilled to hear. You can tell by their faces they can barely conceal their joy. [CGGV]
  • Some Cubans are quite literally packing their bags waiting to get out of this country now that Obama is President. Not because they're angry or anything, but because they're going to hold him to his promise to ease travel restrictions. "Some" being the operative word. [SunSent]
  • The state Democrats re-elected their chairwoman and can not wait to give Charlie Crist an extended honeymoon in 2010. [CBS4
  • Florida's unemployment levels reached a whopping 7.3%, and could top 8% by the time this whole mess is over. And even that might be optimistic. [NBC6]
  • Herald: "Miami Heat's Wade on his game again." [Herald]
  • Some paper in Wisconsin: "Wade falls off mark in recent games." Whatever. [JSO]
  • On that note: haha to Kobe and his dumb new low top sneakers. The Heat beat the Lakers and Bryant has a serious LOL final moment when the balls does on ol' in-n-out, narrowly missing tying the game. [ESPN]
  • The Herald has part four of their "Taken for a Ride" series. [Herald
  • BTW this auto bailout is totally going through without many concrete concessions. [Herald]

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Kyle Munzenrieder