News Roundup

  • Sarah Palin came to Florida yesterday for the biggest rally in Florida this election season. The Herald spoke to someone who said, "She makes me feel there's nothing we can't do." Really? Because she's made it clear there's a lot of things she thinks people can't do. Like have access to abortion after rape, researching stem cells, or getting gay married. [Herald]

  • The Herald also interviewed Cindy McCain. Secretly, we love her. Not in spite of her pill addiction, but because of it. [Herald]

  • The unemployment level in Florida is at a 13 year high. [Local 10]

  • 69 year old grounds keeper at a city park. A dog. Something gross. [Herald]

  • At the beginning of the year Wall Street had five investment banks. Now it has zero. The surviving two will be bank holding companies. The Wall Street Journal calls it "the end of Wall Street as it has been known for decades." [WSJ]

  • Tina Fey won just about every Emmy ever, and Bryan Cranston pulled off a bigger upset than the Dolphins. [Deadline Hollywood]

  • Speaking of the Dolphins, I am saving that dick sandwich for lunch, but in other football news the Canes beat Texas A&M. [ESPN]

    --Kyle Munzenrieder

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