News Roundup

  • Barack Obama, Grand Pontiff of the International Church of Hope and Changery, will be leading a rally at the University of Miami's Bank Atlantic Center today. Obama's website says all the tickets are gone (besides traffic and parking are going to be a NIGHTMARE), but Riptide will be there covering it for you. [Herald]

  • Miami's largest public works program in decades got the green light from the State Supreme Court. The project includes a a port tunnel, a park, and a street-care system. The proposed Marlins Stadium also jumped over what is most likely its last legal hurdle. [Herald]

  • Yesterday's CNN/Time poll showed Obama and McCain tied in Florida, with Obama winning when third party candidates were considered. Today's CBS poll shows McCain with a six point lead. Another new poll shows that 8 out of 10 American's heads will explode if they follow day-by-day polling too closely. [CBS 4]

  • Jim DeFede got a hold of the contract the School Board will offer Alberto Carvalho. It's a three-year deal with a starting salary of $275,000. That'll buy a lot of hair gel.[CBS 4]

  • Hey Ladies, A-Rod is officially back on the market. [CBS 4]

    --Kyle Munzenrieder


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