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New Year's Resolutions For South Florida's (Stinkin') Sports Teams

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Out with the old and in with the new; the turning of the calendar to 2015 represents an opportunity for a fresh start, and a chance to make good on some things you've neglected in the last year. Everyone has something to improve upon, and the beginning of a new year is as good a time as any to decide enough is enough, it's time to make a change.

Our South Florida sports teams are no different, they need to make New Year's resolutions too. The next year can make-or-break a sports franchise or program, it can be a step in the right direction, or three steps in the wrong one. In 2015 each South Florida team has something to work on, a way to improve, and a resolution to commit to; here is what I would start with if I was them.

Florida Panthers: Get out and make more friends.

In 2015 the Florida Panthers need to try to be more sociable, get out more, and meet new people. Everyone always hears about what you're up to on Facebook and Twitter, but nobody ever sees you; you're like the High School classmate who lost touch with everyone after graduation.

Back in 1996 you were so popular, everyone liked you. But then you made poor life decisions and dropped off the face of the Earth. You've been working on yourself lately, and from all accounts look and feel better than you have in a long time; so in 2015 get out there and meet some new friends, go on some dates, and re-connect with some old fans.

Miami Marlins: Repair broken relationships, and rededicate yourself to making people believe they can trust you again.

For years you have lied, cheated, and misled everyone in your life; you've been incredibly selfish. In 2014 you took some steps to showing people you have hurt you've changed, in 2015 don't have a relapse. People have heard your promises before, just two years ago you came out of rehab saying and doing all the right things, then just when people began to think you had changed -- you went right back to your old ways.

It's time to realize 2015 is your last shot at redemption, there will be no more interventions. It's time to show everyone you are a different person, so together you can begin to heal old scars.

Miami Heat: Keep killing them with kindness, stick to your morals.

In 2014 the Miami Heat had a shocking breakup, and things could have gotten ugly; thankfully, they did not. The Miami Heat are known for being one of the classiest organizations in sports, one built upon family, loyalty, and trust; in 2015 they should continue to stick to their beliefs, and never let one person or situation get in the way of that.

People love taking shots at the way you do things, yet turn around and try to duplicate what you've done. In 2015 keep setting the bar high, because few can jump as high as you've shown you can. Character isn't best judged when there is success, rather it's better considered when there are obstacles to overcome. You've shown others the blueprint to gaining respect for almost three decades now. This year draw up some new plans, stick to them, and keep showing your peers why you're the best in the business.

Miami Hurricanes: Forget about who you used to be, start figuring out who you want to be.

It's time to start realizing you sound a lot like Al Bundy, bragging about your four touchdown game at Polk High; the 80's werelong ago. It's time to decide what you want to be proud of in the future, and what new things you hope to brag about accomplishing. Do you want to be known for your intelligence or your good looks? Half-assing both is getting you nowhere; it's time to pick one and dedicate yourself to being the best at that one thing.

In 2015, promise yourself to take a good look in the mirror, and decide who you are. Lying to yourself is only hurting your loved ones, and disappointing everyone that cares about you.

Miami Dolphins: Stop blaming others, and start realizing maybe it's you that's the problem

For years every relationship you have been in has ended poorly, it's time to stop and consider what the common denominator has been in them all; you. Every year you look around, point fingers, and play musical chairs with those who you trust with making choices for you; in 2015 it's time to covet quality over quantity. There are too many people in your life telling you what's right, telling you who is the problem, and telling you how to fix those problems; it's time to consider that maybe the problem is you.

Come 2015 the Miami Dolphins need to realize they might be the problem, work on simplifying things, and cut down on the voices in their heads telling them what they should do with their life.

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