New Trial Sought in Liberty City "Terrorist" Saga

Just when you thought the saga of the "Liberty City Seven" was finally over, the five men who actually ended up with convictions are asking for either an acquittal or yet another retrial. 

The Seas of David group was originally arrested in June 2006 for suspicion that it was plotting with Al-Qaeda to blow up the Sears Tower, a Miami FBI office, and other targets. Trial #1, in 2007, ended with a finding of innocence for one suspect, while the jury couldn't reach a decision on the others. Trial #2, in 2008, resulted in a deadlocked jury. Trial #3, which concluded in May this year, brought convictions for five of the suspects and an acquittal for another. 

Now the five who were found guilty want acquittals too, or at least another retrial. They claim that a juror was improperly removed during deliberations, the original indictment was unconstitutionally modified, and there wasn't sufficient evidence. 

Sentencing for the men is set for September 8. They face 30 to 70 years in prison. 

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