New Scarface Movie in Development

Hollywood is working on a new little friend for you to say hello to. According to Deadline.com, Universal is prepping another Scarface movie. Though it's neither a remake nor a sequel, the idea is to incorporate elements of Brian De Palma's 1983 Miami-set classic and the 1932 Chicago-set original. That, however, means the movie might not be set in Miami or tell the tale of a Cuban-American.

Reports Deadline:

It will take the common elements of the first two films: an outsider, an immigrant, barges his way into the criminal establishment in pursuit of a twisted version of the American dream, becoming a kingpin through a campaign of ruthlessness and violent ambition. The studio is keeping the specifics of where the new Tony character comes from under wraps at the moment, but ethnicity and geography were important in the first two versions.

So, yeah, if anything, it seems likely that our new Tony will not be Cuban and not be taking over Miami. No disrespect to fans of the 1932 original, but we really can't imagine anything to do with Scarface that's not drenched in De Palma's Miami-infused color palette or Al Pacino's particular take on the Cuban accent.

We're not sure whether we can handle a film under the "Scarface" banner that involves, say, a Russian immigrant taking over the meth market of Wasilla, Alaska, or an Iranian grabbing a stronghold of the OxyContin problem that plagues the mean streets of Fort Lauderdale.

Sure, we'd be worried about the quality of a direct sequel, but the timing couldn't be better. Elvira Hancock, unbeknownst to her, could have very easily walked out of that restaurant knocked up. Tony Jr. would be about 26 right now. Just throwing it out there.

Producer Martin Bregman appears to be the only person involved with the Al Pacino version working on the new one; otherwise there's no direct link.

We should also note that Hollywood producers commission scripts and throw around a bunch of crazy ideas all of the time with nothing to show for it. At this point, a script hasn't even been written. So if this thing actually gets made, it could be years before it shows up onscreen.

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