New Miami Skyscraper Offers Views of Bahamas, Developer Claims

Miami may have tons of Cuban influence, but sometimes we forget that the closest foreign country to our shores is the Bahamas. Bimini is just a little more than 52 miles off the coast of downtown Miami (that's closer than West Palm Beach), and a developer claims you'll actually be able to see the island from the top of his new skyscraper.

Tibor Hollo's Panorama Tower is under construction at 1101 Brickell Ave., and it's scheduled to be completed by 2017 or early 2018. Once it's topped off, developers claim you'll be able to see the lights of Bimini on a clear night from the top floor of the tower. At least that's what Dean Warhaft, vice president/development coordinator of Florida East Coast Realty, told Miami Today.

Of course, thanks to FAA rules, the tower is now scheduled to reach only a height of 822 feet, but developers plan to negotiate to allow the tower to reach its originally planned 849-foot height. By the way, the tower will have 821 apartment units and 204 hotel rooms (though developers have yet to announce a hotel brand).

Though other planned skyscrapers will eventually be taller than Panorama, if it finishes on time, it will be the tallest building in Miami, at least for a little while.

But wait. Is it scientifically possible to see Bimini from that height? According to this handy equation from Discovery magazine, no, it's not. You'd be able to see only approximately 35 miles out, not the full 52 miles to Bimini.

However, developers promise that on an especially clear night, you'll be able to see the lights of the island, not the actual land, so perhaps that changes the equation.

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