New Miami Herald Gossip Rag Panders to Racial Stereotypes

Gossip! Bikinis! ¡Fútbol! Next Wednesday, Hispanic readers will finally get what they've been waiting for -- or at least that's what Miami Herald publisher David Landsberg seems to think.

In an email sent Friday evening, Landsberg -- who declined to comment -- announced that 70,000 copies of Caliente, the Herald's attempt at a free gossip rag, will hit selected newsstands and doorsteps in Little Havana and Hialeah September 18. Random Pixels leaked that email in a post this morning.

The post also voices the concerns of one Hispanic reporter at the Herald, who spoke to Random Pixels anonymously after he saw some mock covers for the new venture. He was "offended at the blatant appealing to stereotype -- women with the biggest hips story & pix, big women in bikinis with boobs hanging out."

But where some staffers see offensive pandering, Landsberg aparently sees an opportunity: "Caliente is fun and makes perfect business sense for us: it targets Spanish preferred readers who don't currently consume our products," his email read, while noting that stories would be short and pictures would be big. Also: horoscopes, jajaja!

The Miami Herald Media Co., it would seem, is pretty much treating Hispanics like children who can only be bothered to look at weird local stories with huge headlines that are couched between pictures of shiny things and big butts.

Telling the majority of the people in Miami that you think they're unsophisticated? Surely nothing can go wrong there. ¡Gol!

Landsberg's assistant, Matty Lopez, said the publisher would not respond to interview requests about Caliente at this time.

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