New Daily Kos Poll: Rubio Narrows Crist's GOP Lead Thanks to Birthers, Still Can't Beat Meek in General

Daily Kos/Research 2000 just released their latest Florida poll, and there are a lot of interesting little poll number factoids to be pulled. Riptide tends to have some smart readers, so we won't recap the entire poll, but instead let's mine some of our favorite nuggets.

The Senate Race:

Republican Primary:

  • Charlie Crist now only leads Marco Rubio by 10 points!
  • 73% of Republicans who think President Obama was born in America would vote for Crist, only 16% would vote for Rubio. These are your mostly sane, non-Limbaugh loving Republicans.
  • Marco Rubio wins amongst Republicans who don't believe Obama was born in the US, or aren't sure. These are your birthers and tea party "activists" 
  • Unfortunately for Crist, only 35% of Florida Republicans believe, for sure, that Obama was born in the United States (WTF PEOPLE?)
General Election:
  • Charlie Crist would still sweep the floor with Kendrick Meek, 50-33%
  • However, in South Florida, Meek would win 48%-41%, the only region in the state he carries against Crist.
  • Kendrick Meek has a 38%-30% over Rubio in a hypothetical matchup. Rubio is polling better amongst white people, but only by 1%. Meek would actually do better amongst Hispanics by 13%. 
Hot Hypothetical Three-Way Action:
  • So what would happen if Charlie Crist ran as an independent against both Rubio and Meek? Crist: 32% Meek: 31% Rubio:27%

  • 50% of Republicans would vote for Rubio, but 39% would go for Crist. 
  • Kendrick Meek is apparently super-loved in South Florida, because even against both Rubio and Crist, he'd still walk away with 47% of the vote. 
  • Oh, by the way, even in Charlie Crist switched to the Democratic party and ran against Rubio, he'd lead and still get 39% of the Republican vote.  
Governor Race
  • McCollum gets 35%, Sink gets 33%, and 32% of people have no idea what's going on in this race. 
  • Sink is polling at 49% down here in South Florida. 
  • She also has a slight advantage in Independents and Hispanics. 
Other Fun Things:
  • 72% of Floridians believe Obama was born in America. 13% do not. 
  • 53% of Floridians support "creating a government-administered health insurance option that anyone can purchase to compete with private insurance plans." Only 39% oppose a public option.

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Kyle Munzenrieder