New Android App Helps Find Open Parking Spaces in South Florida

We all know how frustrating finding a parking space in Miami can be -- especially if you're always running late in SoBe or the Design District. The only spots left are in $15+ lots, or garages five floors up. Not anymore, thanks to Android's latest App, Open Spot.

The folks over at Google are trying to make this the Foursquare of parking apps, motivating drivers with an earning incentive if they advertise their newly available spot. By earning, we mean "karma points" of course.

Similar to unlocking the city and the elusive "badge" earning offered by Foursquare, it's a fun way to up the user ante. Spots are removed from the map after 20 minutes, making sure that you're not driving around looking for free spaces that no longer exist.

This is a great use of location-based technology to save some dough and decrease parking anxiety, and the only real problem we could find -- besides the obvious "only available for Android phones -- is in order to take full advantage of all the spaces offered in the city, more people need to actually be on the network and use the brand new App.

As an alternative for non-Android users, iSpotSwap offers similar alternatives for the iPhone, minus the quirky bonus points. The newly updated, free App makes leaving a bit easier, asking for an approximate leave time once you park, and even asking how much time is left on the meter, if there is one. Here's hoping all of this will make for less road rage on Miami's mean streets. 

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Miami.