Nannies: The Latest Victims of the Recession

Recession stories are getting pretty standard, and boring. One formula goes like this: find some nice industry and find out how the recession is hitting it. CNN just filed one, about nannies, focusing mainly on Miami.

Amanda Mezyk is a 20 year-old professional nanny who just got laid off. As part of her job she not only got a salary (the average in Miami is $700 a week), but free room and bored in a fancy pad, an insured car, and an paid week long vacation each year in addition to the working trips she took with the family. Somehow, someway, with that pretty cushy gig for a 20 year-old, she managed to rack up $8000 in credit card debt (this is, of course, a major part of how we got into the recession, people who had no reason to rack up credit card debt did, because, hey, everyone was doing it).

Anyway, our apologies to this rich family that laid her off (a couple of doctors). The only thing worse for the former rich than having to fire the help and live like normal people for a while is to have the former help talk about it to major media outlets. What will the neighbors say ...assuming their neighbors haven't had their homes foreclosed on.

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[CNN: Recession shakes up nanny business]

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