Mysterious "Quakes" Gently Rock South Miami-Dade

Coral Gables is home of the Miami Hurricanes. It doesn't, however, play host too often to earthquakes. Still, a rash of small-scale tremors have shaken the area and other neighborhoods in South Miami-Dade over the past week.

No one seems to know why.

Some reports of the action were found on Twitter Monday.

Meanwhile, Miami's subreddit discussed the odd phenomenon.

"My windows were rattling yesterday in Palmetto Bay. Who else is experiencing this?" one user asked.

"I'm down in Coral Gables, and I definitely felt something," wrote another. "It kinda reminded me of a really bad thunder but was very distinct. It happened numerous times also. Since I'm new here, I figured it was normal, but apparently not."

Coral Gables Police say they've received calls about tremors on three occasions since the beginning of February but have no idea what the cause may be. Reps from Florida Power & Light, meanwhile, say the company is not responsible and is not doing any work in the area that would cause tremors.

Earthquakes aren't uncommon in the Atlantic Ocean and Caribbean Sea, but perceptible seismic activity in Florida is virtually unheard of.

The rumbling has yet to cause any major damage, but no one seems to have a clue about the cause of the occasionally rattling windows and clinking drinking glasses.

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Kyle Munzenrieder