in the Elhood

The Bitch had been having trouble figuring out what, exactly, is supposed to be. Its early marketing forays using a Space Invaders-style skull logo were kind of allusional to some dark technology, the way those commercials for the Verizon Chocolate with the Goldfrapp song are ... maybe was some sort of communication device which you could also eat or possibly entertain yourself with in, um, some other way?

Not exactly. Finally, at a launch party this past Thursday at Santo on Lincoln Road, it was revealed that is sort of like's music division, except it's pitched at the Latin market.

Gustavo Benejam, proving that there are people at the Burson-Marsteller promotions agency who are both intelligent and able to rock a mod haircut, explained slickly that is a subsidiary of a company called Hoodiny, and that Hoodiny "was formed to create the leading 'digital escapist' for the Hispanic entertainment market through its website"

Okay! The party, which was attended by a fairly large number of well-dressed, polite, soft-spoken men and women of similar ages — meaning they were from the technology, not the music, sector of the community — included lots of free Havana Club mojitos, not one, not two, but three VIP areas, as if to separate Bill Gates from Steve Jobs, and eventually performances by Locos por Juana and some other bands, though the piped in electronica beforehand was actually fine. -as told to Jean Carey

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