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Murder Miami Style: One Officer Involved in Two Deadly Shootings in 4 Days

Four days after being cleared of any wrongdoing in shooting an unarmed tourist, Miami Beach Police Officer Adam Tavss has been involved in another shooting death.

The incident reports have not been made public because the fatal shootings are "still under investigation," police say. Facts though have started to creep out.

According to a report by NBC Miami, the victim's attorney has many witnesses who will testify that Tavss' fatal shooting of an unarmed man last week was completely unjustified. 

Also, a police'witness who has been quoted in other local newspapers, is not credible because of his aspirations to work in the Miami Beach Police Department, where his uncle is employed, according to the attorney.

Tavss returned to work four days after shooting Virginian tourist, Husien Shehada, 29, outside of Club Twist and the 11th Street Diner on June 14 at 4 a.m. Surveillance video after the jump, which was obtained by Attorney John Contini, shows Shehada and his brother, Samer Shehada, casually walking outside the club. It appears they are unarmed.

Late Thursday night, Tavss was called to a carjacking on Miami Beach, according to the Miami Herald. Police shot and killed the man who had hijacked a taxi. It;s unclear whether Tavss took the fatal shot.

Police have said both shootings were justified. 

Surveillance Video of Miami Beach Police officer-involved shooting

via NBC Miami News

Shehada is shot shortly after both men turned to respond to a beckoning from the left side of the frame. 

Shehada's family claims discrimination may have caused the shooting.

Police told the Miami Herald that the brothers were "looking menacing" as they walked down the street. The surveillance video does not reveal menacing faces, but it is clear evidence that there was a lack of confrontation and no weapons in the victim's hands. 

When Tavss struck again on Thursday, the victim was an armed suspected carjacker. 

Police have put Tavss on paid administrative leave until the investigations of both incidents are complete.

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