Multimillionaire Mitt Romney Tells Miami Audience He's Middle Class

Miami has been hit hard by unemployment, mass layoffs, and foreclosures. Mitt Romney, meanwhile, is estimated to be worth as much as $250 million and is so loaded he's looking to quadruple the size of his West Coast mansion. So it sure was weird when he came to Miami yesterday and implied in front of a crowd that he is middle class.

"We ought to provide help to the people who have been hurt most by the Obama economy. And that's the middle class," Romney told the Miami crowd. "It's not those at the very low end; it's certainly not those at the very high end. It's for the great middle class -- the 80 to 90 percent of us in this country.

It's the use of the word us that has people scratching their heads, because moneybags Mittens certainly can't be included in any sort of collective described as middle class.

The New York Times notes that Romney, despite being richer that Rick Scott, is trying to create some sort of false everyman aura. He eats $4.39 fast-food sandwiches from Carl's Jr., don't you know? Guess he's too good for the dollar menu.

Then again, this is the same Mitt Romney who came to Florida earlier this summer and joked that he was unemployed. We're not sure what's more twisted about this guy: his sense of humor or his class perspective.

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