MSNBC's Lone Conservative Rethinking a Senate Run

Back in 2006 when the Republican party came to the hard, cold realization that they would have to run political train wreck Katherine Harris as their Senate Nominee they begged and pleaded with former Congressman and MSNBC talking head Joe Scarborough to run.

"Please, Joe, Please, Don't let us pretend to support this horrible, terrible, embarrassing hot mess of a lady, please," they said.

But Joe said no, because incumbent Senator Bill Nelson was a relatively popular guy, and Joe had a prime time slot on MSNBC.

Now Joe's the token conservative on the liberal fantasy cable channel, and it just so happens that the 2010 Senate race is totally up in the air. So, he's changed his mind, and is like 'Maybe, maybe I might run. Just as long as Charlie doesn't. I'm not gonna give up my MSNBC money in vain.'

Scarborough emerged as one of those cool conservatives who hates George W. Bush as much as you did, but not in an moderate kind of way. More like in a "Bush is not Conservative enough for me, thank you very much" kind of way.

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