Mr. Jean Goes to Washington

Jean: I could feed a nation from this hat

Wyclef Jean made a presentation Tuesday before a congressional sub-committee about the need for greater U.S. involvement in Haiti. Jean earned his stripes as a member of the Fugees, and as perhaps the first mainstream American artist to rap in Kreyol. According to the Herald, he made some pretty insightful points about what Haitian emigrees and what the U.S. government could do to give the poorest nation in the Western Hemisphere a helping hand.

But based on some congressmen's responses, you would have thought he was a third grader giving a presentation on water conservation. "My Gosh," said Dan Burton (R-Indiana). "You've got some great ideas." And, for some reason, the fact that he had put on a tie came up in a follow-up interview.

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Jean's salient points aside, the Herald links to an audio clip of him rapping, terribly, about Haiti's plight. It may be the worst rhyme he's ever written. (Then again, there's this sad display; scroll to the bottom for the actual lyrics. )--Calvin Godfrey

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