Mother and Daughter Arrested for Filming Their Dogs Killing a Pig and Putting it on Facebook

For most of us, if we even bother accepting our mother's friend request of Facebook we keep her under strict privacy control. Very few of us develop such close Facebook bonds with our mothers that we decide posting a video of our two dogs killing a pig on our pages is a good idea. Then again, very few us of take videos of our dogs killing pigs with our mothers. Most of us aren't quite as twisted as Janice Kay and Ashley Ann Ramirez of Vero Beach, Florida.

The mother-daughter duo have been arrested and charged with animal cruelty after they put a graphic video online.

The two women duct tapped the snout of a pig, let it lose in their backyard and then encouraged their two dogs to attack it. They recorded it all, and the video shows both Janice, 55, and Anna, 21, cheering on the viscous attack.

As the two large dog mutilated the dogs face and broke it legs the women laughed.

One of their connections on Facebook saw the video an alerted the Indian River County Sheriff's Office. The officer then had to subpoena Facebook in order to get the womens' address.

This news report from WPTV shows some of the more tame footage of the nearly six-minute long video:

There's no reports as to what eventually happened to the pig.

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