More Storms! And Geraldo! Sweet Lord Help Us All

Sure, the TV types certainly enjoyed their time with Gustav last weekend. But other than a crappy Labor Day weekend of spitting rain and vicious rip-currents, South Florida pretty much ignored Gustav once the cone of concern migrated well to the west.

But what better way to welcome back in sobering reality of the work week than to open the paper this morning to discover that three more freaking storms are bearing down on the Caribbean.

Meet Ike, Josephine, and of course, the charming Hanna.

Yeah, yeah, they obviously have no idea where these things are going yet (NOAA helpfully warns that Hanna will hit somewhere between South Florida and North Carolina later this week). Ignore Hanna, Ike and Josephine all you like. But what about Anderson, Roker, and Geraldo?

If the thought of dozens of hurricane-chasing cable news hacks descending on your neighborhood doesn't have you reaching for the nearest whiskey bottle, God help you, sir.

-- Tim Elfrink

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