More Dumb Dolphins Rumors: Could They Sign Mangini as an Assistant?

Talk about burying an explosive detail. CBS Sports correspondent Mike Freeman has a column up today theorizing that recently fired Jets Coach Eric Mangini won't find himself with another NFL head coaching job anytime soon thanks to wide spread speculation that he ratted New England Coach Bill Belichick out last year during Spygate. Apparently the NFL is like the mafia, and no one wants to deal with a suspected rat. 

Then Freeman speculates that he might end up with an assistant coaching job at another big Patriots rival because he has inside scoop as a former assistant to Belichick, including --uh, wtf?-- Miami. 

"Several sources believe franchises like Buffalo, Miami, Indianapolis and San Diego might overlook Mangini's reputation as a tattletale so they can drain him of what he knows about Belichick."

Yeah, could you imagine? Mangini joining the staff of the team that sealed the envelope around his pink slip and made a star out of a QB he cut. How awkward for poor Chad Pennington. Something tells me these "several sources" were starting their New Years celebration a bit early, or CBS has a columnist who has no idea what he's talking about. Then again, with the Dolphins, you never really know. 

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