More Dirt on Commissioner Spence-Jones

As was reported in New Times last week, Miami City Commissioner Michelle Spence-Jones is being investigated by the State Attorney for a laundry list of transgressions. One of those things -- whether she was paid for voting in favor of a Related Group condo project -- is the subject of a story in today's Herald.

Apparently, fellow Commissioner Marc Sarnoff wrote a memo to himself (yes, to himself) that stated Spence-Jones was seeking payments from Related for two of her political mentors, Barbara Carey-Shuler and Barbara Hardeman. Sarnoff, citing information from former City Manager Joe Arriola, said that Spence-Jones wanted $50,000 each for Carey-Shuler and Hardeman -- and $50,000 for a "third, undisclosed person."

Check out the memo here. If this is true, it sounds like District 5 will be getting a new city commissioner very soon. --Tamara Lush


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