More Anti-Obama Idiots in Florida Can't Spell

Remember Andy "Obama Half-Breed Muslin" Lacasse? Of course not, it was over 9000 news cycles ago. The poor redneck from some hell in Central Florida put a misspelled, sharpie sign in his front yard.

Well another idiot in Fort Walton Beach, Larry Ford, has a misspelled anti-Obama sign, though it's even more embarrassing considering this one looks professionally done. Pic: here.

The sign starts off well enough: "January 20, 2009" -- you may remember that as the day Aretha wore the greatest hat of all time to some sort of inauguration. Then "A Day of Darkness," well we remember it as a rather sunny day, but perhaps the weather conditions were different in Fort Walton Beach. Then to end "Hussen ???"

Hussen? The marine and non-marine cargo surveyors? This Last.FM user who seems quite fond of KT Tunstall? This dead artist?

Oh, wait Hussein? The middle name of the President of the United States?

Here is his response to the misspelling from The Daily News:

"I think everybody knows who I'm talking about, don't you?" he said.

"American people are the stupidest people in the world, but something

like that I think they can figure out."

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