Monday Night Football Murder: Man Gets High, Tells Friend "Game Over," And Shoots Him In The Head

Few things arouse a man's anger like American football. When the Dolphins lose, a thousand dudes across South Florida launch their remotes in unison at their TV screens. Road rage rises and bar fights break out. But murder?

That's exactly what happened earlier this week in North Miami Beach, however, when a teenager killed his buddy while smoking weed and watching Monday Night Football.

Brandon Kyle Lapeikis and Christian Salazar, both 19, were watching the Seattle Seahawks pummel the New Orleans Saints on television at Lapeikis' North Miami Beach home Monday night.

Lapeikis, Salazar, and two other friends were all smoking marijuana when Lapeikis suddenly left the room and returned with a gun, the Miami Herald reports.

Lapeikis allegedly racked the gun, pointed it at Salazar's head, and said "Game over." Then he squeezed the trigger and shot his friend in the head.

Salazar died shortly afterwards at the hospital. Lapeikis later admitted to killing Salazar but said he didn't know the gun was loaded and never meant to shoot his friend.

He has been charged with second-degree murder.

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