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MMA Instructor Dubbed "Ginja Ninja" Stops Florida Bank Robbery

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A lot of crazy things happen in Florida every week, and we're here to round up the craziest every Friday. This week: twin trouble, a resident of "Moron County, Florida," mischief at the most magical place on earth, and a new Florida hero: the "Ginja Ninja." 

"Ginja Ninja" Stops Bank Robbery
Thirty-one-year-old Michael Jon Neubecker decided to rob the Grow Financial Federal Credit Union in Pinellas County last Friday and seemed like he'd get away with it. That was until the "Ginja Ninja" flew into action. 

Eric Haritakis, dubbed the "Ginja Ninja" for his red hair," is an MMA instructor and health food delivery business owner and was also at the bank depositing money for his business. Haritakis noticed what was going on and flung into action. He chased Neubecker down around the side of the building. 

"I don't really know what I was thinking at that time. I just kind of went for it. I figured if he had a weapon, he probably would have pulled it out at that point," Haritakis told My Fox Tampa Bay

Haritakis then basically carried the man back to the bank.

"I see the guy bringing a guy back with his hands behind his back and almost carrying him," a witness told the station. "I was just amazed at how down-to-earth he was. He was just so nonchalant about the fact that he just chased down a bank robber."

Haritakis then hogtied Neubecker while waiting for police to arrive. 

Man Steals Walt Disney World Resort Golf Cart, Crashes Into Lake 
A man staying at Walt Disney World's Fort Wilderness resort was certainly so Goofy you have to wonder if he Mickey'ed his own drink, because the trouble he got in certainly wasn't Minnie. (Ed note: Please excuse us for those puns.)

Andrew Hall, of Mentor, Ohio, was drinking at Fort Wilderness on Monday and tried to take off on a bicycle. A manager noticed that Hall was struggling to stay upright on his bike, so being an employee of one of the world's most friendly places, he decided to catch up with Hall on a golf cart to make sure he was alright. However when he approached, Hall jumped at the cart through the plastic windshield. Hall then pulled off a cart-jacking, but ended up crashing the golf cart into a pier. Hall then tried to swim away from the mess, but, naturally, had trouble doing so. A resort marine unit ended up having to fish him out of the lake. The rescue worker had to jump into the lake to save the not-so-little mermaid. 

Hall was then taken to one of the least magical places on earth, Orange County jail, and was charged with disturbing the peace at a public lodging establishment, grand theft, and criminal mischief. 

52-Year-Old Twins Jailed For Throwing Bricks at Each Other
Sometimes sibling rivalries never end. That seems to be the case for Michael and James Remelius, both 52. The Orange County duo were arguing in a front yard when things got violent. 

Michael picked up a brick and threatened to throw it at his brother. James decided to do the same. Michael then threw his brick and hit his brother. James did the same. Michael suffered a swollen eye. James suffered a cut leg. Both brothers wound up catching twin charges:  aggravated battery with a deadly weapon. 

Man Using 911 as Taxi Service, Demands to Speak to Leader of "Moron County" 
Gary Linman of Hobe Sound really needed a ride home on May 5 and refused to wait. Apparently he hadn't heard the news that Uber now operates in Martin County, so he decided to call 911 to get a ride home and bother random cars. A deputy saw Linman stop a car and decided to see what was going on. Linman said he had called 911 twice to ask for a ride home and didn't want to wait. The deputy informed him that 911 is not a taxi service. Linman however demanded the deputy drive him home. The deputy instead had dispatch call a taxi for Linman, which actually was rather nice. 

However, Linman threatened to call 911 again to have the deputy fired. The man did so and demanded to speak to “whoever runs Moron County." That was not successful, but Linman called 911 a fourth time to demand yet another ride home. Instead he got a ride to jail and charges of misusing the 911 system. 

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Miami.