MLS President Says Miami Team Will Begin Play in Time for 2018 Season

There are really only two things we know for sure about the Major League Soccer team coming to Miami:
David Beckham is the public face of what will become the ownership, and the team has bought land to build a stadium in Overtown. 

Everything else seems to be up in the air. The stadium plan isn't even 100 percent finalized yet, and we don't even have basic information like what the team will be named or who Beckham's business partners will be in the venture. 

Yet with so much left to be decided and a long delay in finding a stadium site, MLS President Don Garber is still confident the team will be able to start play during the 2018 season. 

"It's gonna happen," Garber told Associated Press sports editors on the phone today, according to the Orlando Sentinel. "If it doesn't happen, it would surprise me that we weren't able to cross all the t's and dot all the i's."

"There's a lot of work that needs to be done to finalize their investment group," Garber added. "So the issue we've been dealing with today is finalizing their equity. I think it's going to be finalized soon."

Granted, there's not even a guarantee the Overtown stadium will be built by then. Temporarily playing games at FIU Stadium has always been on the table since the announcement of the team, and we haven't heard anything contradicting that since. 

In fact, we haven't heard much of anything about the team aside from the occasional rumor started in a European tabloid — the latest of which, by the way, is that Beckham wants his former Real Madrid teammate Roberto Carlos as coach. Carlos manages a team in India, but take that report with the same grain of salt you would with any other staffing report about the Miami team. 

Obviously, we'll get some answers in the next 22-and-a-half months before the team is set to play. 

Answers to questions like: 
  • What will the team be called? 
  • What will their kits look like? What will the team's colors be? 
  • And what will be the actual design of the stadium?
  • Are those Ronaldo rumors true? 
  • Who else will be on the roster?
  • Who else will join Beckham in the owners' box? 
  • And on the coaching staff? 
  • How often will Posh Spice be in town, and is it possible to get a Spice Girls reunion during the team's first halftime show?

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Kyle Munzenrieder