MLB Player Delmon Young Threatened to Kill a Brickell Valet, Went on Anti-Cuban Rant

Major League Baseball player Delmon Young found himself behind bars and accused of battery this weekend after threatening to kill a valet at the Viceroy hotel in Brickell. Young reportedly unleashed a tirade full of ethnic insults at the valet before leaving. Police eventually found him at his apartment where he answered the door without pants on. 

The incident went down on Saturday night. Young had arrived hoping to get into a club in the hotel, but the club was already closed. He got angry at a valet who wouldn't open the door to the club for him, according to Andy Slater

"Stupid Cuban, open the f—king door," Young yelled. "I'm here. Now what?" 

After the valet reiterated several times that the club was closed, Young allegedly yelled, "I'm gonna f—king kill you, you Latin piece of sh-t."

Young then reached out and put his hand around the victim's neck, and tried to strangle him. The valet, however, escaped and police were called. 

Meanwhile, Young had retreated back to his condominium, also in the Viceroy. He answered the door without any pants on. Police told him to get dressed, and Young maintained that he wasn't involved in the incident. However, the victim identified him as the aggressor. 

Before police officially arrested Young, he allegedly yelled, "I'll slap you in the face with money you f—king Cuban," to one of the officers on the scene. 

Young, a 30-year-old outfielder and designated hitter, has played professionally since 2006. He's had stints with the Tampa Bay Rays, Minnesota Twins, Detroit Tigers, and Philadelphia Phillies. He most recently played for the Baltimore Orioles but was waived in July and remains a free agent. 

This isn't the first time Young has gotten in trouble for something like this. Back in 2012, he got into a fight in New York City during which he yelled anti-Semitic slurs. He was charged with a hate crime, and later pled guilty to aggravated assault. 

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