Mitt Romney Leads Miami-Dade Cubans 76-19

Here's everything you need to know about partisan politics in Miami-Dade in a nutshell: According to a Miami Herald poll, President Barack leads or is tied in just about every demographic group in the county except Cubans. Mitt Romney has opened a massive 76 percent to 19 percent lead among Cuban voters.

Obama however leads the county by nine points.

The Herald hired Mason-Dixon Polling & Research to poll 625 likely voters in the county.

Barack Obama has a 16-point lead among women, a 34-point lead among non-Hispanic whites, a 93 percent lead among blacks, and a 17-point lead among non-Cuban Hispanics. Obama also leads every age group (including a 30 point lead of those 18-34), except the over 65+ crowd. He's tied with Romney among that group, and with men overall.

Romney meanwhile has a giant lead among Cubans, 76-19, or 57 points. Romney also leads independents in the county 53-37.

Overall, Obama leads the county 52-43, or about nine points. He beat John McCain in Miami-Dade by 16 points in 2008.

Seventy-one percent of Cubans say they oppose Obama's policies towards Cuba. A lesser 60 percent opposes loosening some restrictions that would allow Americans to travel to Cuba.

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