Mitt Romney is Now Leading Obama in Florida by 8 Points

Despite the recent surges of the more conservative Rick Perry and Michele Bachmann, Mitt Romney still seems like the man to beat. The latest Mason-Dixon Florida Poll shows that Romney not only has a healthy lead in the primary, but has taking a large lead over President Obama in a hypothetical general election match up.

Romney leads with 51 percent to Obama's 43 percent. Not only leading, but breaking the 50 percent mark against Obama this early on is pretty promising for Romney, but lets remember that Obama has not begin his reelection campaign in earnest yet Though, Romney is not the only Republican who's competitive with the President.

Perry polls 46 to Obama's 45 percent. That's a statistical tie, but isn't bad at all for a guy who's campaign is less than two weeks old. Whether this is a bit of post-announcement honey moon phase or if Perry's power will be long term is yet to be seen. (Remember the big waves Fred Thompson made when entered the Republican primary late in 2008? Remember Fred Thompson?)

Meanwhile, Michele Bachmann is settling back into long-shot range. Obama leads her 46 to 44 percent. That's only a two point difference mind you, which is actually sort of scary if you ask us.
Here's how the Republican candidate do against each other:

  • Mitt Romney 28%
  • Rick Perry 21%
  • Michelle Bachman 13%
  • Herman Cain 7%
  • Newt Gingrich 5%
  • Ron Paul 4%
  • Rick Santorum 2%
  • Jon Huntsman -
  • Someone Else 3%
  • Undecided 17%

Yep, that's right, Jon Huntsman has headquartered his campaign in Florida and is still polling "-." Guess that Jeb Bush Jr. endorsement didn't help much.

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