Mitt Romney Firmly Back On Top of Cain in Latest Florida Poll

Florida has apparently stopped gorging itself on pizza man Herman Cain, and ol' reliably boring Mitt Romney has taken a giant lead in the latest poll conducted by Time and CNN. Romney leads the pack with 30 percent, while Cain is now a distant second with 12 percent. Compare that to an American Research Group poll from October 13th that showed Cain leading with 34 percent, or the NBC poll from October 19 that showed Romney and Cain basically tied.

The poll questioned 401 registered Republicans in Florida between October 20 and 25. Here are the full results:

Romney 30%

Cain 18%

Gingrich 9%

Perry 9%

Paul 6%

Bachmann 4%

Huntsman 1%

Santorum 1%

Someone else (vol.) 1%

None/ No one (vol.) 7%

No opinion 14%

Only 28 percent say they'll definitely support their chosen candidate, however, and 50 percent say they may change their mind.

Romney is leading in the other three early primary states, the Time/CNN polled found. He's dominating with 40 percent in New Hampshire, but Cain is a closer second in Iowa and South Carolina.

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