Mississippi Pol Wants to Rename Gulf of Mexico "Gulf of America"

The Gulf of Mexico may soon be known as the "Gulf of America," at least in the state of Mississippi if a recently introduced bill in the state's legislature passes.

Sure, in a world where Republicans on the federal level actually succeeded in renaming "French fries" as "freedom fries" at government snack bars, anything is possible. Rest assured however, the bill is actually the work of a snarky Democrat as a way to protest what he considers "mean-spirited" immigration legislation.

The bill was introduced by Democratic state Rep. Steve Holland. However, at least one Latino group sent out a strongly worded response concerning the legislation before he could explain it was a bit of a joke.

With Republicans now claiming control of Mississippi's governor's mansion and both houses of the state legislature, Gov. Phil Bryant has promised to push through laws that would "crack down" on immigration to the state which shares no borders with a foreign country.

Holland meanwhile considers the legislation "insignificant" and "mean-spirited," so he introduced the legislation as a tongue-in-cheek critique.

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