Missed the 'Joe Cool' Trial? Don't Worry, There's More To Come

As far as Miami trials go, the "Joe Cool" case had it all.

A plotline worthy of an Edna Buchanan novel, with an abandoned charter ship found drifting at sea and its paying pasengers in a lifeboat, claiming to have been hijacked by Cuban pirates? Check.

A trial worthy of John Grisham novel, starring a young defendant who claimed he was duped by a fugitive on the run who pretended to be from the CIA and promised secret missions in Cuba? Check.

To top it all off, two of the jurors -- after finding Hialeah security guard Guillermo Zarabozo, 20, guilty on four counts but deadlocking on murder charges -- now say they want to take their guilty verdict back because another juror "bullied" them into the guilty verdicts.

If you missed all the drama -- and if the ongoing saga of Chuckie Taylor Jr. isn't feeding your f'd up federal trial fix -- not to worry.

A judge announced today that Zarabozo will be retried on charges that he helped murder Joe Cool's four crew members.

Who needs Grisham and Buchanan anyway? We've got the Miami court system.

-- Tim Elfrink

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