The teen party had to find a new home after King of Diamonds agreed to cancel it.
The teen party had to find a new home after King of Diamonds agreed to cancel it.
Photo by Alex Markow

Minors Barred From Clubs After Planned Teen Party at King of Diamonds Strip Club

When fliers advertising a “no ID” teen party at King of Diamonds began circulating across social media earlier this year, local politicians reacted with horror. After the outcry, the promoter canceled the party at the famed strip club.

But now Miami-Dade commissioners want to make sure minors are not allowed inside nightclubs or adult entertainment sites. Ever.

The Miami-Dade Commission voted unanimously today to amend a county ordinance to say that those under 18 can’t be on the premises of adult entertainment clubs at any time, regardless of whether strippers are performing.

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A separate but related ordinance, which passed 12-1 with Commissioner Sally Heyman dissenting, will bar minors from nightclubs. The rule could have a far-reaching impact: Nightclubs are defined as "any business that operates predominantly at night, supplies entertainment, and dispenses alcoholic beverages for consumption on the premises."

The exceptions are businesses operating as restaurants, parks, carnivals, circuses, stadiums, schools or religious facilities, and hotels or motels where entertainment is provided for guests only. That could restrict clubs that host all-ages concerts. 

Both changes were suggested by Commissioner Barbara Jordan, who said the problem of minors being admitted to adult venues needed to be addressed “before it got out of control.”

“I think it’s an unhealthy environment,” she said. “It’s one that’s exposing kids to a strip club, to a club that serves alcohol, having access to VIP rooms where heaven knows what goes on that may be unsavory. And to me, it’s an early recruitment effort for the adult entertainment world.”

The controversy began in May, when parents took notice of promotional materials for the “Summer Teen Edition” bash, which featured scantily clad women and the King of Diamonds logo.

Promoter Steve Hirsch visited Broward and Miami-Dade high schools to spread the word about the event, posing for pictures with backpack-wearing students splaying out tickets. He told NBC6 it would all be good, clean fun — no strippers, no alcohol. (New Times reached out to the promoter for comment, but so far we haven’t heard back.)

Minors Barred From Clubs After Planned Teen Party at King of Diamonds Strip Club (2)

Local leaders, however, were not comforted by Hirsch’s assurances. Jordan said he was also offering to pick the teens up on a party bus and promoting local hotels that would cater to event attendees. She said she received complaints from parents whose children wanted permission to attend.

“I think it was really shocking that there would be a promoter trying to recruit 15-year-olds to come into an adult entertainment site and to offer the kind of amenities that they were offering,” she said. “And certainly making the public aware of it is the first thing that we need to do, and making sure that owners of adult entertainment centers understand the limitations of what they can and cannot do as it relates to minors.”

Hirsch’s Facebook page suggests he continues to host teen parties — a “Nothing but Skin” pool party was scheduled for June, and a yacht party is on tap for this weekend — though none appeared to be planned at strip clubs.

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