Miko Grimes Rips Ryan Tannehill on Twitter

Every day, Miami Dolphins fans go on profane Twitter tirades against the team. Those rants can be entertaining and cathartic, but they usually are not news. Unless, of course, the person behind the Twitter account happens to be married to a Miami Dolphins player. 

Miko Grimes, the wife of cornerback Brent Grimes and a well-known Dolphins critic, loves to go on Twitter rants, but her profile has been set to private since she got arrested at a Dolphins game in September.

Well, during yesterday's car crash of a game, Grimes went off on Dolphins quarterback Ryan Tannehill and the local reporters she believes are protecting him. 

Naturally, the protected tweets promptly leaked to Slice Miami

The "Triple As" Grimes refers to are three local Dolphins reporters: the Miami Herald's Adam Beasley and Armando Salguero and the Palm Beach Post's Andrew Abramson. 

According to the Herald, the Dolphins have held at least five meetings with Brent Grimes about his wife's unbridled criticism of the team. They're also concerned that her views reflect Brent Grimes' own views, because, you know, a woman can't have her own opinions about the sportsball

This isn't apparently the first time Grimes has gone in on the trio of local reporters either. Salguero claims she's addressed him as a "fat pussy" and asked Abramson if he routinely sheds the inner lining of his uterus. 

Entertaining as it may be, this is a huge distraction for the Dolphins, and the team should treat it as such. (Hey, they should be lucky to have such a passionate fan.)

For one thing, Grimes is clearly wrong about how much influence the trio of local sports writers really has on anything that goes on with the organization. 

However, she isn't wrong that the Dolphins clearly have a lot of problems. Clean those up next season, and, well, Grimes wouldn't have much to criticize.

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