Mike Huckabee Endorses Marco Rubio


Word that this endorsement might be coming has been in the pipeline for weeks, but now it's official: Former Arkansas governor and presidential candidate and current Fox News host Mike Huckabee has endorsed Marco Rubio in the Republican primary for Senate.

Huckabee's endorsement is as much a celebration of all things Rubio as it is a few jabs at Rubio's competitor, Charlie Crist, most specifically his support of President Obama's stimulus plan.

Rubio supprted Huckabee in the 2008 presidential primary, and the two dined together at Versailles (where fans chanted, "Who let the Huck out?" *wince*).

Huckabee took an unlucky 13 percent of the vote, while John McCain won, thanks in no small part to Crist's endorsement and political clout. In fact, McCain, Mitt Romney, and Rudy Giuliani (all of whom have been more moderate than Huckabee in their political careers) took a combined 82 percent of the vote, calling into question how popular Huckabee and his "principled conservatism" are in Florida. In Miami-Dade, Huckabee took a dismal 6 percent of the vote. 

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